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Fixed LTE

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Pure LTE (MTN) is Afrihost’s own Fixed LTE offering and it runs on the MTN Network. Partnering with MTN means that we can now offer more expansive network coverage and it is an affordable alternative to Fibre and DSL. Pure LTE (MTN) packages include capped Anytime and Night Time data and uncapped Anytime data packages.

Frequently Asked Questions
Getting Connected
  • Can I migrate from my current LTE package over to Pure LTE?
    Unfortunately not, existing Afrihost LTE clients will need to cancel their existing packages and sign up for a Pure LTE package via ClientZone. Cancellation policy applies.
  • How long does it take for my package to activate?
    LTE SIMs can take up to 24 hours to activate after delivery.
  • Can I migrate from Fibre to Pure LTE?
    Pure LTE and Fibre are different products. You can sign up for Pure LTE and keep your Fibre connection. Or, alternatively, you can cancel your Fibre package after you’ve signed up for a Pure LTE package.
  • Why do I need to provide my address where the device will be used?
    It is important to give us the correct address where the product will be used, as the LTE-A SIM card will be locked to the location they specified during sign up.
  • What happens to my LTE device and Pure LTE (MTN) SIM when I move address?
    If you move to another location, you will need to contact our Support team to request MTN to assign the SIM card to the new location as the service is locked to a single tower in the area.
  • What is the cancellation policy for the Pure LTE packages?
    Our normal Cancellation Policy applies to the Pure LTE packages.

    SIM + Device
    - Should you cancel your SIM + Device package in less than 6 months from signup date, or your account falls into arrears, you will be charged a cancellation fee.
    SIM Only - The cancellation fee does NOT apply to SIM Only packages. These packages can be cancelled at any time before the 15th of the month.
  • What if I already have an LTE device? Can I sign up for a SIM only package?
    Yes, a SIM only Pure LTE (MTN) option is available. Ensure you have a compatible device.
  • Do you offer Unlimited LTE data packages?
    Yes, Uncapped LTE packages are available with Pure (MTN) LTE. Night Time data does NOT apply to uncapped packages.
  • How does uncapped LTE data work?
    All Pure LTE Uncapped packages are subject to a monthly threshold of 1TB. Once you’ve reached your monthly data limit, your connection speed will be limited to 1Mbps for the remainder of the month.
  • What is the difference between Anytime data and Night Time data?
    Anytime data can be used anytime of the day. Night time data is valid from specified times.
    Pure LTE (MTN) Night Time data is valid from 12am to 6am.
  • When is Night Time Pure LTE (MTN) data valid?
    Night Time data is only valid from 00:00 (midnight) to 06:00 daily.
  • Does Pure LTE data roll over?
    Anytime and Night Time data will roll over for 30 days.
  • How long is Top up data for Pure LTE valid for?
    All Pure LTE (MTN) top ups include Anytime data. Anytime top up data expires 30 days from purchase.

  • Can I use my own device with Pure LTE?

    Only approved CAT6 devices will work with Pure LTE (MTN) SIM Only packages on the MTN LTE-A Network.

    If you are using a new LTE SIM card with your own device, please visit see our Set Up Guide for instructions on how to get connected.

    This range of devices includes:

  1. ZTE MF286 (A; C; D; R)
  2. Huawei B525 (S-23A; S-65A; S-95A; 932)
  3. Huawei B612 (233; 533; S-25D; S-51D; S-52D)
  4. Huawei B618 (22D; 65D; 66D)
  5. Huawei B818 (263)
  6. Huawei B2368 (22; 57; 66)
  7. Huawei 5G CPE Pro 2
  8. ZTE 5G CPE (MC801A)
  9. Mikrotik Chateau LTE12
  10. TP-Link Archer (MR600) (EU)2.0
  11. Vida CPE4000 (Plus & Pro)
  12. Zyxel LTE7460
  13. Zyxel LTE7480 (M804)
  • Please note that Pure LTE (MTN) will only work on the above approved devices. If you insert your SIM card into a device that has not been approved by MTN (for example a Huawei B311 or Huawei B315) the SIM card will be blocked, and you will lose internet access. You will then need to contact our Support team to get the SIM card unblocked.
  • Do I need to set up my LTE device?

    With a SIM + Device package, we will preconfigure the LTE device that is shipped with your SIM card - so you do not need to change any APN settings.

How to change the APN. 

You can read our helpful How to set up your Fixed LTE Wireless Device article with easy instructions to help you configure your LTE device.

What is the Pure LTE (MTN) APN? 

ws.afrihost.fwa (Remember, all lower case and no spaces)

  • How many people can connect at the same time?

    You can connect up to 32 wireless devices concurrently to the included Huawei LTE-A device. Please note that speeds may be affected by the number of devices connected to your modem.

  • Is there a delivery fee charged?

    SIM Only orders (Pure LTE (MTN) and Telkom LTE) will be delivered FREE of charge.
    Pure LTE SIM + Device orders will be delivered FREE of charge. The delivery fee is covered as part of the promotion.

  • Do I need to RICA my Pure LTE SIM card?

    ALL SIM cards need to be RICA compliant. Migrations and sim swaps do not need to be RICA’d, however, new sign-ups do. To RICA a SIM card you will need your ID or Passport and Proof of Residence not older than 3 months. RICA is done by the courier on delivery.

  • What speeds can I expect on this network?

    The MTN LTE-A Network averages between 10-150Mbps. Please note, however, that average speeds remain device and coverage dependent.

  • Why is my data being used faster on an LTE connection compared to the 3G network connection?

    When streaming any content or using applications (YouTube, streaming, Skype etc.) over an LTE connection the data transmission rate is much faster which means that your data is consumed faster than on a 3G connection. If your connection quality is better, the stream will choose a better quality bit rate of streaming which results in significantly more data usage while streaming on an LTE connection compared to a 3G connection. Subscribers that sign up for an LTE package are advised to subscribe to the bigger volume bundles.

Get Pure LTE! 

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