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What is Afrihost Plus+

Pure Internet Joy is what we’re all about and with Afrihost Plus+ we are offering you even more value. You can save hundreds every single month, depending on your internet usage habits.

Below is a summary of all the benefits you can enjoy with an Afrihost Plus+ subscription.

1GB Extra Mobile Data

Whether you’re streaming your favourite music or posting pictures on your favourite social media platform, there’s always a use for more mobile data. We’ll keep you connected with MTN’s far-reaching first-class data network.

  • Get it on a new SIM
  • Add it to your current Afrihost Mobile package, or
  • Add it to your MTN SIM card.
Permanent Double Monthly Data

Available on Air Mobile Data and existing Capped DSL.

Get double your normal monthly data allocation. This is a great way to permanently lock in those benefits and continue your data savings each and every month.

Permanent 2-For-1 Top ups

Available on Air Mobile Data and existing Capped DSL.

Get 100% additional FREE data with every top up. With Afrihost Plus+ you get to choose a Mobile Data or Capped DSL account which will always get 100% additional FREE data with every topup.

Ready to add More Internet Joy? 

Read our How to sign up for Afrihost Plus+ article to get you started.

Afrihost Network Status

See the status of our broadband, mobile and hosting networks

For more details, visit our Network Status Page

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