How to verify your Debit Order payment details

We’ve designed an easy way to help ensure that your Debit Order payment details cannot be used by any other party (at least with Afrihost) unless you’ve given your express permission. It’s a tested, secure, and easy‑to‑use process to give you complete peace of mind.

How Debit Order verification works

When reviewing your bank statement, there will be a unique verification code attached to the transaction reference, which only you (as the bank account holder) can view. Through this manner, you (and only you) can verify debit orders to Afrihost from your bank account. It’s really simple and, most importantly, it’s an ironclad way to protect you from potential fraud and unauthorised use.

Here’s what it will look like on your bank statement

    Follow these 3 easy steps to verify your details

    1. Get your verification code on your bank statement*

      Log on to your Internet Banking and view your latest statement to find the verification code on the Afrihost charge.

    2. Log into ClientZone

      Log into your ClientZone account and go to ‘Billing’. Select ‘Verify Payment Details’ and click on ‘Verify’.

    3. Enter your verification code

      Enter the Verification Code from Step 1. Remember to only enter the unique verification code and nothing else.

    * You can also get your verification code from a debit order notification SMS (some banks give you the full code, some don’t) and also from a printed bank statement from your branch. We do not recommend printing a statement, but if you do, please destroy the printout or make sure it’s safe (NEVER throw your statements in the bin!). Using Internet Banking is the most secure and private way to get the verification code.

    Add payment details. You can read our helpful How to add a new payment method article with instructions to help you add new payment details to your account.

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