Do I need to cancel my Telkom line after I cancel my DSL with Afrihost?

There is a self cancellation done after a sign up. All instructions will be sent to you like this below;

If your line is being directly managed by Telkom

  1. Complete the Contract Service Cancellation Form and confirm that you want your line moved to another Service Provider (Section 2 on the form). Ensure that all information is correct, and that the form is dated and signed.
  2. Scan this form and your barcoded ID Book or Smart ID and email it to ONE of the following email addresses:

Please note, if you have a Business Line, Telkom requires the following:

A signed cancellation letter from the Sole Proprietor OR on a company letter head for CC/PTY LTD. (In both instances, a copy of the authorised signatory’s ID is required).

If your line is with another ISP (Not Telkom)

Request for your current service provider to move your DSL line to the OpenServe Holding Pool.

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