How the different DSL line speed profiles work

Due to the fact that upstream and network services are provided by Telkom, Afrihost offers a “back-to-back” SLA with the applicable Telkom SLA. The terms of this SLA are set out below.

The following DSL profiles are available:

DSL up to 2Mbps

Minimum Sync Rate Maximum Sync Rate
Downstream 416Kbps 2Mbps
Upstream 64Kbps 512Kbps

DSL up to 4 and 10Mbps

The up to 4Mbps and 10Mbps DSL services have sub-profiles, which are used to stabilise a client’s service that experience re-syncs (service interruptions) on their DSL lines due to a variety of factors, such as last mile distance, noise and attenuation. Therefore subscribers that experience problems on the service may be accommodated on any of the secondary profiles below

DSL up to 4Mbps secondary profiles

Class Minimum Sync Rate Maximum Sync Rate
A 640Kbps 4Mbps
B 640Kbps 3Mbps
C 640Kbps 2Mbps
D 640Kbps 1Mbps

DSL up to 10Mbps secondary profiles

Class Minimum Sync Rate Maximum Sync Rate
A 640Kbps 10Mbps
B 640Kbps 8Mbps
C 640Kbps 7Mbps
D 640Kbps 6Mbps
E 640Kbps 5Mbps

What the above entails is that if a subscriber does not sync at the profile listed in A above they will be accommodated on B, C or D (etc.) depending on the line sync speed.

Subscribers will automatically be upgraded to the highest speed possible on the service that they applied for as per the profiles above. Where the DSL service is unable to connect (sync) at the speed applied for due to factors such as line length or quality, it will be accommodated down from the service applied for in 32 kbps decrements, but not lower than the minimum download speed, until the service connects (i.e. syncs successfully).

Where a subscriber’s line syncs at a certain rate and at a later stage the line degrades, the service will also be accommodated down in decrements until sync is re-established, the downward synchronisation due to line quality will happen automatically within the profile parameters.

VDSL up to 20Mbps

Minimum Sync Rate Maximum Sync Rate
Downstream 11Mbps 20Mbps
Upstream 1Mbps 2Mbps

VDSL up to 40Mbps

Minimum Sync Rate Maximum Sync Rate
Downstream 21Mbps 40Mbps
Upstream 1.25Mbps 3Mbps

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