How to sign up for Capped DSL Data

You can sign up for Capped DSL Data via the Afrihost Order Form. Follow the steps below to get connected:

  1. Go to the Afrihost Order Form.
  2. Click on the ‘ADSL and VDSL’ tab.
  3. Select Capped DSL.
  4. Select your monthly data amount.
  5. Double check your order in the Shopping Cart and click ‘Checkout’ to confirm your purchase.

Need more info? Visit our Capped DSL product page.

Bundle up and save. You can reduce your monthly costs by bundling your DSL line and data. Read our how to sign up for a Capped DSL Bundle article.

Please note. A DSL line is required to make use of DSL Bandwidth. If you need a DSL line, visit our DSL Line product page.

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