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Air Mobile Airtime and Data topup rollover explained

Air Mobile Airtime Topups

Our airtime works according to standard MTN airtime rules. You get two different kinds of airtime - Evergreen and Expiring.

Evergreen will stay active as long as your SIM card is kept from going dormant.

Expiring airtime will expire at the date specified unless new expiring airtime gets added to your account - in which case all the expiring airtime will only expire on the new date.

All our Auto-Limit and manual topups are Evergreen. Other types of topups may however not be.

Air Mobile Data Topups

All data topups are valid from when they are purchased, until the end of the following month. This means that depending on when you buy a data topup, it could be valid for up to a maximum of two months.

For example, if you buy a data topup on 5 February, your topup data will only expire at midnight on 31 March - giving you even more value.

Top up your Air Mobile account. You can easily top up your account if you run out of airtime or data. Read our How to topup your Mobile Data or How to topup your Airtime article.

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