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How to claim your Air Mobile FREE 1GB

With Afrihost Air Mobile prepaid you get 1GB free mobile data every month for the first 3 months from signup. You will need to claim your free gig each month from the Afrihost App.

Download the Afrihost App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

1. Open your Afrihost Mobile App.

2. Click Mobile and select Air Mobile Prepaid.

3. Tap on ‘Claim your 1GB FREE Data’. If the button is blue, you can claim your free 1GB for that month. The button will be grey if you have already claimed your free data for that month.

4. Confirm that you want to claim your free data. You can claim your free data any time within the month, but please note that you will forfeit your free data if you do not claim it before the end of the month.

​5. You’re done! You can now enjoy your free 1GB mobile data.

1GB FREE Mobile Data Promotion. This promotion is valid for any new signups or package changes. You will get 1GB free mobile data every month for the first 3 months from signup. You have to log into the Afrihost App every month to claim your free data - if you fail to do so, your free data will be forfeited for that month. From month 4 onwards you need to spend at least R69 on mobile data per month in order to continue getting your free 1GB data. Afrihost reserves the right to revise, extend or stop this promotion at any time.

Air Mobile Prepaid. Visit our Air Mobile Prepaid page for more information and package pricing.

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