Afrihost Mobile

How to sign up for Month-to-Month Cellular

All Month-to-Month Cellular packages comes with airtime and mobile data. Follow the steps below to sign up for an Afrihost Mobile package via the Order form:

  1. Go to the Afrihost Order Form.
  2. Click on the ‘Mobile & Wireless’ tab.
  3. Now click on the ‘Monthly Cellular’ tab.
  4. Select your preferred package.
  5. You’ll be asked to select a SIM option.

    • Port my Number
      Select this option if you want to port your number to MTN to use Afrihost as your Service Provider.
    • Get a New Number
      Select this option if you want to get a new Afrihost-powered MTN SIM card.
    • I’m on MTN Prepaid
      Select this option if you are on MTN prepaid and want to opt-in to the Afrihost offer.

  6. Follow the prompts and remember to double-check your order in your Shopping Cart. Click on ‘Checkout’ to complete your order.

Need more info? Visit our Afrihost Mobile microsite to find out more about our Mobile Voice, Data and SMS offerings.

Porting to Afrihost Mobile. Visit our Porting Instructions microsite for instructions on how to port your current number to Afrihost Mobile.

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