Air Mobile

How to transfer Air Mobile data to another Air Mobile account in ClientZone

When you have extra data and want to share it, you can now easily share your Air Mobile data with another Air Mobile data user.

Simply follow these steps in ClientZone

  1. Log in to ClientZone.
  2. Select the ‘Connectivity’ tab.
  3. Choose the Air Mobile package you wish to transfer data from.
  4. Select the ‘Data Transfer’ button.
  5. In the ‘Product Username’ field enter the number you wish to send data to.
  6. Enter 27 as the prefix, this is the dialling code for South African which replaces the 0 (Zero), then enter the rest of the number followed by @afrihost. EG: 2783 123 4567
  7. In the ‘Data to transfer’ field, from the drop-down menu select amount of data to transfer.
  8. Tick the checkbox to indicate that you understand the terms and conditions.
  9. Please note: The Data Transfer is immediate and cannot be reversed.
  10. Click ‘Transfer Data’.
  11. A pop up will appear stating the Data Transfer was Successful.
  12. Click ‘Okay’.

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