Air Mobile

Mobile Data Usage Limits

Customise how data can be replenished on your package. You can choose to block all usage that falls outside of your monthly amount, or to be charged for usage that exceeds your bundle, or to automatically add Bundles in increments.

In-Bundle Only

With in-bundle only selected, once your airtime is finished, you will need to topup your airtime manually.


With this option selected, you will be charged 10 cents for every MB (Megabyte) you use in excess of your monthly bundle or manual topups you’ve done. You are also able to set the maximum Out-of-Bundle charge.


With this option, your package gets topped up with mini data bundles until the specific maximum is reached. Please note increments need to be between R25 and R3000.

Manage your limits in ClientZone. Read our How to manage your Auto-Limits article to learn how.

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