Afrihost Mobile App

How to top up your data and airtime in the Afrihost Mobile App

You can easily top up your airtime or data in the Afrihost Mobile App.

  • Open the Afrihost Mobile App on your device.

  • Select the ‘Broadband’ or ‘Mobile’ tab on the top of the app.

  • The data balance can be found on the right of each connectivity product, displayed in the green or blue circle or you can select the product for a more detailed balance.
  • Select the ‘Top-up’ button.

  • Choose the Topup Type you want, ‘Data’ or ‘Airtime’.

  • Select the Top-up amount you want.

  • Select the Payment Method or add a new payment Method and click ‘Next’.

  • Confirm the Top up amount and payment information, Tick the box to accept the terms.

  • Tap on the ‘Add’ button to confirm your topup.

Add a product Now you can sign up for new products in the app. Read the article to find out How to sign up for a product in the Afrihost Mobile App

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