How to cancel your services

All cancellations are submitted through ClientZone. Simply log into ClientZone, select the product you wish to cancel and then select either ‘Edit Package’ or ‘Cancel Service’.

Important: Please note that you need to submit your cancellation before the 23rd of the month if you would like your services to be cancelled at the end of the same month. If your cancellation is submitted on or after the 23rd, your services will only be cancelled at the end of the following month.

Cancelling Hosting Services

If you cancelling a hosting service, please make sure that you have all the backups that you need. Once the cancellation goes through all your content and mails will be deleted. DNS for all the domains will also be removed.

Cancelling a DSL Line

If you are cancelling a DSL line, please note that your DSL line service will be transferred back to Telkom. Telkom will bill you for the DSL line rental - if you do not want the line anymore, you will have to cancel the DSL line with Telkom directly.

You will be disconnected from your DSL connectivity account on the last day of the month at 23:59:59.

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