Domains and Hosting

How to point a domain

What is Domain Pointing? Pointing a domain is the act of directing or redirecting a DNS record to a specified host address (To or From).

You will need to know your default A Records before editing. The records can be found and edited in your Afrihost ClientZone.

In the event that your domain is registered with Afrihost but is hosted elsewhere, you will need to edit the A records and MX records (Mail).

This rule applies vice versa eg: Host-Afrihost, Domain-External.

Kindly request and supply the records provided by your host company.

Follow these steps to edit your DNS records:

  1. Log into Client zone.
  2. Select ‘Hosting’.
  3. Select your Domain Name on the Right.
  4. Select ‘Hosting Settings’.
  5. Select ‘DNS editor’.
  6. Browse through the records and edit the desired Records as indicated/supplied by your external host.
  7. You will need to know the type of record, Content IP and TTL (optional).
  8. Select ‘Update’.

Kindly note that Afrihost does not have influence over external Records.

If the specified record information is not correct, your domain and mail function will be affected.

DNS. Read our What is DNS article for more insight on the types of DNS records.

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