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How to set up reCAPTHCA on your contact form in SiteBuilder

What is reCAPTCHA? reCAPTCHA protects you against spam and other types of automated abuse.

How to register for reCAPTCHA

  • Login to Gmail account to Register reCAPTCHA
  • Register with Google reCAPTCHA.
  • Select the ‘Admin Console’ button to register.

  • Fill in the details of the new site.
  • Enter a label for the new site.
  • Choose the reCAPTCHA type.

reCAPTCHA Types:


reCAPTCHA v3 allows you to verify if an interaction is legitimate without any user interaction.


  1. “I’m not a robot” Checkbox.
  2. Invisible reCAPTCHA badge - Requires the user to click on a checkbox.
  3. reCAPTCHA v2 Android - The Android library is part of the Google Play services SafetyNet APIs.

  • Enter the domain name.
  • Accept the reCAPTCHA Terms of Service.
  • Select ‘Submit’.

  • Once the site has been registered you will be shown the Site Key and Secret Key.

Take a copy of both of these keys.

Now Login to Site Builder

  • Log into ClientZone.
  • Select the ‘Hosting’ tab.
  • Under the Shared Hosting section, select your domain.
  • Click on ‘Website Manager’.
  • Select the ‘Log into Website Manager’ button.

  • Select ‘Afrihost Site Builder’ or ‘SitePad.

  • From the main menu on the left-hand side, click ‘Settings’ and select ‘Contact Form’.

  • On the Contact Form Setting Page, Enter the reCAPTCHA Site Key and reCAPTCHA Secret Key in the relevant boxes.
  • Under reCAPTCHA language, enter ‘en-GB’.
  • Click ‘Save’.

The reCAPTCHA that you added will be registered and now can be used on the contact form.

Contact Form details. You can follow these easy steps on How to change the email address on your contact form in SiteBuilder.

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