Domains and Hosting

How to set up usage notifications in CWP

  • Log into ClientZone.
  • Select the ‘Hosting’ tab.
  • Under the Shared Hosting section, select your domain.
  • Click on ‘Website Manager’.
  • Select the ‘Log into Website Manager’ button.
  • Select ‘CWP Settings’ in the side menu.

  • Select ‘Notifications’.

  • Set the notifications as desired.
  • Click ‘Save’.

Definitions of the notification settings

  • Quota: Send notifications when your space limit is about to run out.
  • Website change detector: Make notifications if you find frequent changes to the index of websites.
  • Email account space limit: Notify when one or more email accounts are approaching the quota limit.
  • By Email: Notifications are sent by email.
  • Mail account: Email account to which notifications will be sent.
  • Visuals: Activation of warnings or visual alerts, these alerts will be shown in the header with the bell icon.
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