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The Domain Life Cycle

What is the domain life cycle?

The domain name life cycle is the different phases that a domain goes through to stay active - from registration to expiry and eventual deletion.

IMPORTANT! A domain will enter the expiry phase if the billing account is not up to date or a cancellation request has been done before the renewal date.

Domain Life Cycle Phases:

  1. Available for new registration

    This means the domain name is available to be registered by a registrar and has not been registered by any entity.

  2. Active domain

    The domain has now been registered and is active. The domain will be registered for 1 year before needing renewal.

  3. Domain expires - Renewal phase

    If the domain name is not renewed by the renewal date advised, the domain expires and will no longer function. This expiry phase allows a grace period of 30 - 45 days for the domain to be renewed.

  4. Redemption or Grace phase

    After the expiry phase, the domain enters a redemption phase which is valid for 30 days depending on the registrar. During this phase the domain can be renewed but additional fees will apply.

  5. Pending deletion phase

    If you do not renew your domain during the renewal and redemption phase, your domain will enter the pending deletion phase for 5 days and all data will then be deleted permanently, and the domain will become available for public registration.

Did You Know? If you cancel a new domain within the first 7 days from registration, the new domain name registration will be completely deleted.

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