How to set up an email autoresponder in cPanel

What is an email autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a feature that automatically generates a response to all messages received to an email address.

Follow the steps below to create an email autoresponder in cPanel.

  • Log into cPanel.
  • Select Autoresponders.

  • Set the character set to utf-8.
  • Set the Interval. (The number of hours to wait between responses to the same email address)
  • Provide your email address and your domain name.
  • Set the Subject of your message.
  • In the body section, type the message you want to be sent in your autoresponse mail.
  • Set the Start and Stop date.
  • Then click the Create/Modify button to set up the autoresponder.

Please note: Please read the How to log into cPanel article for instructions on how to log into cPanel

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