How to setup emails on an Android mobile device

Follow the steps below to set up your domain emails address on your Android mobile device:

  1. Open the email application on the device.
  2. Select add ‘new account’.
  3. Enter your email address and email password.
  4. Select ‘Manual Set up’, to enter the server details in manually.
  5. Select the type of account you want to set up, we recommend IMAP. Click on ‘IMAP Account’.
  6. Next to Username enter your full email address.
  7. Scroll down and fill in the Incoming Server Details:
    IMAP server - Enter mail(dot)the domain name.
    Security type - Set to none.
    Port number - 143 by default.
  8. Scroll down to fill in the Outgoing Server Details:
    SMTP server - Enter mail(dot)the domain name.

    Security type - Set to none.
    Port number - Change the port number. For non-SSL change to 587 and with SSL change to 25 or 465.

  9. Tick the “authentication required before sending emails” box.
  10. Username: enter your FULL email address and password.
  11. Click sign in.
  12. You will be directed to your inbox when the set-up is complete.

What is an SSL certificate? Read our Understanding SSL certificates article for more information.

Server ports:

  • IMAP uses port 143, but with SSL secure encryption IMAP uses port 993.
  • POP uses port 110, but with SSL secure encryption POP uses port 995.
  • SMTP uses port 25, but with SSL secure encryption SMTP uses port 587.

For more on Afrihost Internet Services settings, visit our Configuration Settings web page.

IMAP or POP? Find out more on The difference between POP, IMAP & SMTP and which one to use in this article with detailed explainations on each.

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