Fibre Broadband

Fibre Experiences Explained

We have different Fibre experiences, optimised for different usage scenarios. Below is a summary of what you can expect from each experience.

Home UncappedPremium UncappedPriority UncappedCapped Fibre
Full-speed Realtime Services
No Thresholds
No Routine Shaping

Home Uncapped

Our Home Uncapped packages are best for general internet use and are subject to throttling should a user reach the monthly threshold - but only if our network is under strain.

Monthly Thresholds:

Line SpeedMonthly Threshold

Premium Uncapped

Our Premium Uncapped packages are best for media and gaming. Premium Uncapped packages are not subject to throttling or monthly thresholds like Home Uncapped packages, and will always enjoy full-speed realtime services under normal circumstances.

Premium Uncapped packages can, however, be subject to the shaping of downloads and P2P traffic when there is a high demand on the network.

Priority Uncapped

Our Priority Uncapped packages are best for heavy internet use. Our intention is not to shape Priority Uncapped packages, however shaping can be applied during times of extreme network congestion. When applied, only non-realtime, non-interactive services will be affected by shaping, to ensure the best possible broadband experience.

Capped Fibre

Our Capped Fibre packages are best for controlling your monthly spend. As a Capped client you are unshaped no matter what services you use - regardless of the time of day and your usage total. This means that we will not slow down your connection speed (by shaping or throttling) no matter what you download or connect to. (Actual speed is dependent on line speed and current capacity of your Fibre line).

Choose the right Connection Speed. Read our How to choose the right Fibre connection speed article to help you choose the right line speed based on your usage needs.

Shaping Examples. You can visit our Network Management page to see examples of how dynamic shaping works on our network.

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