Fibre Broadband

How to do a speed test for a Vumatel line

Please note. The Vumatel speed test will only work on Vumatel Core fibre lines. Vuma Reach, Vuma Aerial, Vuma Villages will not be able to utilise this speed test.

In order to do a speed test on your Vumatel Fibre line, please do the following:

  • Go to the Vumatel shop front.
  • Click on the ‘Speed Test’ dropdown at the top of the page and select the city you are residing in.

  • Click ‘GO’ and the speed test will run.

  • A speed test will run, and you will see the upload and download speeds you are getting on your Vumatel fibre line.

Don't have a Vumatel line? See How to perform a speed test without a Vumatel line.

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