Fibre Broadband

How to move your Fibre to a new address

There is no relocation process. You will need to cancel your current Fibre product at the old premises and sign up for Fibre at your new premises, even if there is an installation already done in at your new premises.

When moving, there will be no penalty, provided there is fibre available at the new premises.

If there isn’t any fibre / pre-order of a new fibre line then a cancellation fee will be charged as per our Terms and Conditions.

How to move your Fibre to a new address

  1. Cancel your fibre line in ClientZone.
  2. Sign up for a new fibre line at the new premises.

What device to take with? When moving out, only take your fibre router with you to the new address. The CPE/ONT unit on the wall must remain on the premises.

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