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How to set up your extra router as a WiFi repeater

Turn your extra D-LINK router into a WiFi repeater

If you have a second router you can turn it into a Wi-Fi repeater to boost your internet WiFi signal in the home or office. It is best to place it not too far from the main router.

Note. This will extend the Wi-Fi range, not the speed. The more users the higher the congestion.

  • Reset the second router to factory settings, press the ‘reset’ button located underneath the router.

Configure your second router:

  • Open your internet browser.
  • Go to the routers IP address. Enter into the address bar and press enter.
  • Log into the router.
  • Select ‘Continue’ to configure via the setup wizard.

  • In the Connection method drop-down menu, select ‘Wi-Fi’.
  • In the Work mode drop-down menu, select ‘Repeater’.
  • Click ‘Next’.

  • On the LAN page, tick ‘Automatic obtainment of IPV4 address’.
  • Click ‘Next’.

  • On the Wi-Fi Client page, Select ‘Wireless networks’ at the bottom of the page.

  • Select the Network Name (SSID) you want to repeat.
    You may be required to enter the password.

  • Click ‘Next’ to create the Wi-Fi Repeater profile.

  • The new network name will be the original name with _EXT will be added to the end.
  • Create the password for the repeater. You can also select ‘USE’ to copy the same access details from the main router.
  • Click ‘Next’.
  • Follow the same procedure for the 5GHz wireless network.
  • Click ‘Next’.

  • For security purposes, you will be requested to update the router login details on the Change web-based interface password page.
  • Click ‘Next’.

  • A summary of your changes will appear, Click ‘Apply’ to save these settings.

Create a secure password. It is important to create a strong and secure password. Use a minimum of 10 characters. Include uppercase, lowercase, numbers and use at least one special character (eg: =~_{} @^&>*) in the password. Do not include a username or your name in the password.

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