Fibre Broadband

Slow speeds

Firstly we need to get a basic to which to compare if your speeds are slow or not.

Speedtest. We suggest using as it gives repeatable results.

Only one device on the network

You need to make sure that your device you are testing with is the only device on the network. This rules out rogue devices that might be doing update or caching content.

Use a LAN cable to test the speed

Once you have done this, use a LAN cable to test the speed. You should always get full line speed if your device is the only one on the network and it isn’t using data for something.

Acceptable tolerance

An acceptable tolerance is ±10% on download and upload speeds according to what the Fibre provider is promising.

If your speeds are slow

If your speeds are slow, we recommend getting us to call you back or contacting us on WhatsApp so we can either log a fault or investigate further from our side.

You may have been put on the wrong speed profile which is easily remedied by us. It also might be a line fault in which case we need to get the Fibre provider to come and fix the issue.

Slow speeds on Vumatel. If you are with Vumatel and experiencing slow speeds, you can read our How to do a speed test for a Vumatel line article.

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