Fibre Broadband

The FREE Double Your Fibre Speed Upgrade Promo Explained

Having fast Fibre is the ultimate in internet connectivity, so why not upgrade your Fibre line speed for free with Afrihost until the end of January 2021.

Extended for Vumatel clients until the end of March 2021

We have partnered with Vumatel to extend this promotion. All Vuma clients that opted into the promo will continue to get double their speed, at the same price, for the duration of February and March 2021. Standard pricing will take effect from 01 April 2021.

You will NOT automatically be upgraded so ensure you opt-in to accept the offer (provided you qualify) via the email link sent to you, ClientZone or the Afrihost Mobile app.


What speed can I upgrade to?

Fibre line speeds can only be upgraded to the next available speed.

  • Asymmetrical line speeds can be upgraded to the next asymmetrical line speed - for example, 10/2Mbps can be upgraded to 20/2Mbps.
  • Symmetrical line speeds can be upgraded to the next symmetrical line speed - for example, 10/10Mbps can be upgraded to 20/20Mbps.

If you wish to get a higher speed it won’t be part of the promotion and will be charged for.

Is everyone with Fibre able to get the speed upgrade?

Unfortunately, not all Fibre clients qualify for the speed upgrade. The exclusion of Vuma Reach is due to the billing relationship of this service between Vumatel and Afrihost. Payments are not directly made to Afrihost, and as such, Afrihost cannot alter package pricing for Vuma Reach clients for the duration of the promotion.

Only Fibre clients that meet all the criteria may upgrade.

What criteria must I meet to qualify for the upgrade?

1. Your account must be in good standing.

2. Your Fibre product must be in an active state.

If you have scheduled a cancellation for the end of the month, you will not be eligible to take advantage of the promo.

If the installation of your Fibre line is still pending, you will only qualify for the promotion once the line has been installed and activated.

3. There must be a valid package upgrade path. ie: a higher package to upgrade to.

The maximum line speeds for ALL Fibre vendors DO NOT have an upgrade path and are excluded from the promotion. This is because there is no line speed higher than the highest package.

There are two packages that are exempt:
    • Evotel 5/1Mbps packages can be upgraded to a 10/10Mbps package.
    • Openserve 20/20Mbps packages can be upgraded to a 50/25Mbps package.

      What if I am on a custom package?

      Clients on custom pricing can also take advantage of this promotion. You can opt-in for the upgrade via ClientZone.

      IMPORTANT! If you opt-in for the promotion, your custom pricing will be VOIDED once the promo ends. (i.e., you will no longer receive custom pricing).

      If you choose to remain on the upgraded package, you will start paying the standard price for the upgraded package from 01 February 2021.

      If you choose to opt-out and move back to your previous line speed, you can do the package change in ClientZone, BUT you will pay the normal price for the package and will no longer be able to move back to the custom pricing you had before.

      What price will I pay during this promo?

      You will pay the same price of the package you are currently on until January 2021.

      When the promo ends at the end of January 2021, from February 2021 you will pay the full price of the upgraded Fibre package.

      What price will I pay once the promo ends?

      You will pay the full price of the upgraded line speed. If you do not wish to pay the new price, ensure that you downgrade the package to the original line speed BEFORE 15 January 2021.

      Get the free upgrade via ClientZone If you would like to know How to accept the free Double Your Fibre Speed Upgrade promo via Email and ClientZone please read our Help Centre article for assistance.

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