Fibre Broadband

Pure Uncapped Fibre Experience Explained

With Pure Fibre we offer a simple, powerful fibre solution that does everything and doesn’t break the bank.

Here’s what you can expect with Pure Fibre.

  • Uncapped ✓
  • Full-speed real-time services ✓
  • No thresholds ✓
  • No routine shaping ✓

Uncapped. Unshaped. Unthrottled. No usage thresholds.

Pure Fibre packages are uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled - There are no usage thresholds so you can use as much data as you like, whenever you like. No throttling or shaping will be applied. Uncapped Pure Fibre packages are, however, subject to our acceptable usage policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does Pure Fibre mean?
    Pure Fibre means unshaped, uncapped, unthrottled Fibre with no usage thresholds. This means it’s the truest form of Uncapped internet - all the data you need at a premium performance.
  2. Can existing Afrihost Fibre clients get Pure Fibre?
    Yes, existing Afrihost Fibre clients can simply do a package change via ClientZone.
    Please note that if you change from an older Afrihost Fibre package to Pure Fibre, you will not be able to change back.
  3. How do I change to Pure Fibre?
    You can easily change to a Pure Fibre package via ClientZone.
    Please note that if you change from an older Afrihost Fibre package to Pure Fibre, you will not be able to change back.
  4. Now that Afrihost is paying part of the Vumatel installation, do I get a refund if I paid for my installation with them?
    Unfortunately not, as this is a new Fibre promotion as of 16 July 2019.
  5. When I change my package to Pure Fibre, am I going to get a credit if it is cheaper?
    Unfortunately not, changing to a lower package will only take effect at the beginning of the next month. Upgrading to a higher package can take 2 - 48 hours to take effect and will be charged pro-rata.
  6. Do I need to change any settings on my router at home to connect to Pure Fibre package?
    No, you do not need to change any settings on your router when connecting to a Pure Fibre package.
  7. Can I migrate from Fixed Wireless to Pure Fibre?
    Fixed Wireless and Pure Fibre are different products. You can sign up for Pure Fibre and keep your Fixed Wireless. Or, alternatively, you’ll have to cancel your Fixed Wireless package after you’ve signed up for Pure Fibre.
  8. Are the speeds guaranteed as per your advertising?
    Pure speeds can’t be guaranteed as speeds can vary dependent on Wi-Fi strength, the number of users connected, distance from the router and contention ratio on the line. But we can guarantee no throttling, no capping and no shaping at any time. For optimum speeds we recommend connecting to the router directing via LAN cable.
  9. What are the benefits of Pure Fibre?
    With Pure Fibre you are guaranteed an uncapped, unshaped, unthrottled internet connection.
  10. I signed up for a home Fibre package within the last 6 months, if I change over to Pure Fibre is it going to affect the cancellation policy?
    No, you can simply do a package change in ClientZone and the cancellation policy won’t be affected by your package change.
  11. Will existing or pending Fibre orders automatically be changed to Pure Fibre?
    No, you will not automatically be changed to Pure Fibre. Existing Afrihost Fibre clients can do a package change in ClientZone.
  12. Why can’t I get the same speed for uploads and downloads?
    Not all packages are the same and differ from provider to provider.
  13. What are the costs of Pure Fibre?
    There are various Uncapped Pure Fibre packages to choose from. These options are priced according to the Fibre provider and line speed chosen. Pure Fibre Packages can be viewed on the website.

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