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The Cell C migration process over to Pure LTE (MTN) or Telkom LTE explained

As you may have heard, Cell C has made a decision to terminate their Fixed LTE service. If you are one of our existing Cell C Fixed LTE clients, unfortunately, you will be affected by this, however not to worry we have a plan to ensure you stay connected. We will migrate you over to another LTE provider.

I have a Cell C LTE package with Afrihost. What is going to happen to my current package?

Afrihost has similar packages on other Fixed LTE networks for you, namely Pure LTE (MTN) and Telkom. We will move you to a similar package on another Fixed LTE network to ensure that you do not lose connectivity.

If you have a Cell C package, we will send you an email with easy instructions to confirm the migration of your package. You will be required to enter the address where you will be using the Fixed LTE service to do a coverage check.

*NOTE* It is really important that you supply us with the correct address where you will be using the product, as the SIM cards get locked to the location specified during migration.

How will I know if I have coverage on the new networks?

You can check on our coverage map if you have LTE coverage at your location.

When will the migration process happen?

The migration of Cell C packages will start with the 100 GB and 200 GB packages. You must complete your migration process by the 29th of November 2019 before full termination on 30 November 2019.

  • The migration of 100 GB and 200 GB Cell C packages to be done before 30th November 2019.
  • The migration of 50 GB and 20 GB Cell C packages to be completed before 31st of March 2020.

Will I get a new LTE device and SIM card?

Depending on the coverage you have, you will either be moved to a Pure LTE (MTN) or Telkom LTE package.

  1. I have Pure LTE (MTN) coverage and an existing Huawei B618 device.
    Great, we will send you a new SIM card. All you need to do is insert the new SIM card into your existing LTE device and change the APN settings.
  2. I have Pure LTE (MTN) coverage and have a Huawei B311/B315 device.
    Great, we will send you a new SIM card AND a new LTE device. This is because your current device will not be compatible with the MTN Fixed LTE network.

    Only approved CAT6 devices will work on the MTN Fixed LTE network. Inserting the new SIM card into another (CAT4) device will not work and you will need to contact our support team to unlock the SIM.

    Approved CAT6 devices:
    • Huawei B525
    • Huawei B612
    • Huawei B618
    • ZTE MF286

  3. I have Telkom LTE coverage.

    Great, we will send you a new Telkom SIM card. Insert the new SIM card into your existing device and you’ll be good to go.

Do I need to change any settings on my device with my new SIM?

Why are you sending a new device?

The reason for the new device is because potentially your current LTE device is not compatible on the MTN network.

If Pure LTE on the MTN network is not available in your area and only Telkom LTE is available, you will receive a new SIM card only, that you can use with your existing LTE device on the Telkom network.

What must I do with my old device?

Please keep your old device. Right now, we are only delivering new SIMs and devices. The collection of the old devices will be communicated to you in the near future.

How long will it take for my new LTE SIM to become active?

The activation of your new LTE SIM will take up to 24 hours to activate from the time the SIM is inserted into the device.

Is there a delivery fee?

No, delivery fee will be charged when migrating.

Do I need to RICA my LTE SIM card again?

ALL SIM cards need to be RICA compliant. Migrations and sim swaps do not need to be RICA’d, however, new sign-ups do. To RICA a SIM card you will need your ID or Passport and Proof of Residence not older than 3 months. RICA is done by the courier on delivery.

Will the cancellation policy apply?

No cancellation fee will be charged when migrating from Cell C to Pure LTE or Telkom LTE. The old LTE package will be cancelled after migration.

What package will I be moved to?

If you have Pure LTE (MTN) coverage.

  • 100GB and 200GB Cell C clients will get the exact same data and price on Pure LTE.
  • 100GB clients will move to a 100GB Pure LTE package for R530pm.
  • 200GB clients will move to a 200GB Pure LTE package for R845pm.

* Please note, that these are custom packages that will only be created for clients who migrate from Cell C. These packages will not be available to the public.

If you have Telkom LTE coverage.

  • 100GB and 200GB Cell C clients will move to a Telkom LTE package that is as close as possible to what they are currently paying.
  • 100GB clients will move to a 80GB + 80GB Telkom LTE package for R530pm (normal SIM + Device price - R699pm).
  • 200GB clients will move to a 220GB + 220GB Telkom LTE package for R845pm (normal SIM + Device price - R1069pm).

Once you confirm your new package, we’ll send you a new Fixed LTE SIM card, free of charge.

Note: The aim is to move you over to the closest package to what you were previously paying.

What will happen if I do NOT confirm my LTE package change?

If you do NOT follow the instructions sent via email and confirm the package change by 29 November 2019, your current Cell C package will automatically be downgraded to a 20GB Cell C package as Cell C will unfortunately no longer offer the 100GB or 200GB packages.

You will still be able to go into your ClientZone and complete the migration to the new Fixed LTE package on our network when you are ready, but we HIGHLY RECOMMEND doing that now so you don’t run out of data unexpectedly and avoid losing connectivity completely by March 2020.

Can I change to another package during migration?

Unfortunately not, only once you have successfully migrated over to a similar LTE provider, will you be able to do a package change in ClientZone.

Please note: If you choose to move to another package after the migration, you will NOT be able to move back to the custom package that was created for you.

You can view packages available on the website and How to change your LTE package in ClientZone.

What if the device delivery address is different from the location where the device will be used?

No problem, the delivery address can be different to the location where you want to use the device as long as you do not turn the device on at the wrong location as it will lock to the closest tower and you will then need to get the SIM unlocked.

Can I transport the device around with me?

It depends who your new LTE provider is. Pure LTE (MTN) SIM cards get locked to a tower and are location specific. Telkom LTE SIM cards do not get locked and you are able to move about with the device, provided there is a signal in the area.

I keep getting an error with my migration link, is there another way?

If you receive an error during the migration process, it can be done in ClientZone.

  • Log in to ClientZone.
  • Select the ‘Connectivity’ Tab.

  • Select the Cell C LTE product that needs migrating.

  • A pop up may appear to begin the process. Select “Start Migration”

  • If no pop up appears, then you can select “Start Migration”.

  • Read through the process and select “Start Migration”.

  • Enter the address where the device will be used to check the coverage of the area and click ‘Next Step”.

  • If you have coverage in your area, please complete further details.

  • If you do not have coverage in your area, you will be notified of the package you will be downgraded to until full termination.

  • Here you will see the New LTE package you will be migrated to, click “Next Step”.

  • Enter the address where you want the SIM and/or device to be delivered to, click “Next Step”.

  • Enter the address details for the delivery and click “Next Step”.

Note, if the delivery address is different to the address where the address will be used, not to turn the device on as the Pure LTE (MTN) sim will lock to the nearest tower.

    • If you are receiving a new LTE device, your new device will be sent to you pre-configured.
    • Enter the details you would like to be on your new device and click “Next Step”.

    • You have successfully migrated your LTE package.

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