Network Management

Shaped Capped Shaping

Our intention is not to shape Capped Data packages, however shaping can be applied during times of network congestion. When applied, only non-realtime, non-interactive services will be affected by shaping, to offer the best possible broadband experience.

Capped users can opt for Unshaped Capped Data, which give clients Guaranteed Unshaped Data at all times.

Shaping Examples. You can visit our Network Management page to see examples of how dynamic shaping works on our network.

Other Questions

Why are you offering a shaped Capped product? Is Afrihost running out of network capacity?

No. We have grow our network constantly over time to adjust to the needs of all our users. We made a decision to offer multiple product segments in order to cater to as many clients’ needs as possible.

For a lot of users what matters most is realtime services - and realtime services are always prioritised no matter which Afrihost product you choose. In order to offer users more data and increased value, we introduced Shaped Capped DSL Packages.

Does this mean that Capped DSL has always been shaped?

A few years back we sold Shaped Capped packages as was the norm for the market at the time, but with the introduction of Uncapped DSL we changed our Capped product to Unshaped to provide more differentiators between the two products. For many years we have offered Unshaped Capped DSL exclusively, but now we are simply offering one additional product to cater to more users’ needs.

How to check if you have a Shaped or Unshaped Capped DSL package

You can simply check in ClientZone which kind of package you’re currently on. If you’re on Capped DSL Your Package will be grouped under “Shaped” or “Unshaped” accordingly.

How to change from Shaped to Unshaped Capped DSL

Read our How to change your Shaped Capped package to an Unshaped Capped package article for instructions.

How to sign up for Unshaped Capped DSL

When you sign up for any capped product, you’ll be asked whether you want a Shaped or Unshaped connection. We sell Shaped data for half the price of Unshaped data.

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