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How to activate Simfy Africa

Simfy Africa Music Streaming is included in any Afrihost Plus+ subscription, alternatively, you can sign up for Simfy Africa as a standalone product.

Follow the steps below to activate your Simfy Africa subscription:

  • Log into ClientZone.
  • Click on the ‘Other Services’ tab.
  • Select ‘Afrihost Plus+’.
  • Select the Afrihost Plus+ account you would like to activate Simfy Africa on.
  • Select ‘Simfy Africa’.
  • Select ‘Create Simfy account’. Enter your account details.
    If you have an existing Simfy Africa account and would like to link it, select ‘Link Simfy Account’ and enter your Simfy Africa account details.
  • Click ‘Activate Simfy Africa Subscription’.

What is Simfy Africa? Read more on What is Simfy Africa Music Streaming to help you see why you need access to great music content.

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