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How to manage your Afrihost Plus+ benefits

Afrihost Plus+ comes with a range of benefits that can be applied to your products.

Don’t have an Afrihost Plus+ subscription? You need to have an active Afrihost Plus+ subscription before you will be able to access the benefit manager. Signing up is quick and easy - simply read our How to sign up for Afrihost Plus+ article.

Follow the steps below to manage your Afrihost Plus+ benefits in ClientZone.

  1. Log into ClientZone.
  2. Click on the ‘Other Products’ tab.
  3. Select Afrihost Plus+ and click on your Afrihost Plus+ account on the right.
  4. Now click on the ‘Manage Benefits’ button.
  5. In the Manage my Benefits panel you’ll be able to edit the following:

    • 2-for-1 Topups
      Select a Mobile, DSL or Fibre Account to enable permanent 2–for–1 Data Topups at any given point in the month.
    • Double Data
      Select a Mobile, DSL or Fibre Account on which you would like to receive Double your Monthly Data Allocation.
    • Soft Capping
      Select a DSL or Fibre Account on which your connection will be rate–limited instead of cut off when you reach your Data Cap.
    • Double Turbocharges
      Select an Uncapped DSL or Fibre Account on which you’ll receive twice as many Turbocharge minutes each month.

  6. Once done, click on the ‘Update my Benefits’ button to save your changes.

Please note. Benefit alterations will only take effect on the first day of next month.

Important. Not assigning benefits to any product does not mean that your Afrihost Plus+ subscription is cancelled/deactivated. You will still be charged for your Afrihost Plus+ subscription. Read our How to cancel your Afrihost Plus+ subscription if you'd like to cancel your subscription.

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