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What is Afrihost Plus+

Pure Internet Joy is what we’re all about and with Afrihost Plus+ we’re offering you even more value. You can save hundreds, all the way to thousands, each and every single month, depending on your internet usage habits.

Below is a summary of all the benefits you can enjoy with an Afrihost Plus+ subscription.

Simfy Africa Music Streaming

The Simfy Africa music streaming service offers millions of songs - accessible from all your favourite devices. Computers, tablets or smartphone, doesn’t matter - we’ve got you covered. From the latest hits to golden oldies, there’s something for everyone, only a click, touch or tap away.

500MB Mobile Data

Whether you’re Streaming Music from simfy africa or Posting Pictures to Facebook, there’s always a use for more Mobile Data. We’ll keep you connected with MTN’s far-reaching first class Data Network.

  • Get it on a new SIM,
  • Add it to your current Afrihost Mobile package, or
  • Add it to your MTN SIM card.

Permanent Double Monthly Data

Available on Mobile Data, Capped DSL and Capped Fibre

Why wait for Double Data promotions? This is a great way to permanently lock in those benefits and continue your data savings each and every month.

Just pick an Afrihost Mobile, DSL or Fibre Package you want to double up, and it’s done!

Permanent 2-For-1 Topups

Available on Mobile Data, Capped DSL or Capped Fibre.

Usually we have 2-for-1 Data Specials at random intervals throughout the month. With Afrihost Plus+ you get to choose a Mobile Data, Capped DSL or Capped Fibre account which will always get 100% additional FREE data with each and every topup.

Double Turbocharges

Available on Uncapped DSL and Uncapped Fibre

You can now get twice as many Turbocharge minutes every month with Afrihost Plus+. Turbocharge lets you maximise your speed and avoid all shaping guaranteed for a predefined amount of time.


Available on Capped DSL and Capped Fibre

No more getting cut off when you run out of Data. Your connection will simply be dropped to 128kbps download speed. Ensuring you can still access all the fundamentals online such as internet banking, emails, instant messaging and more.

Ready to add More Internet Joy? Read our How to sign up for Afrihost Plus+ article to get you started.

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