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What is Simfy Africa Music Streaming

The Simfy Africa music streaming service offers millions of songs - accessible from all your favourite devices. Computers, tablets or smartphone, doesn’t matter - we’ve got you covered. From the latest hits to golden oldies, there’s something for everyone, only a click, touch or tap away.

Simfy Africa is included in any Afrihost Plus+ subscription or, alternatively, you can get Simfy as a standalone product.

You can visit the Simfy Africa Music Streaming microsite for more information around the product.

Simfy subscriptions will automatically be cancelled at the end of July and Afrihost will stop billing them for the service.Should you want a copy of your playlists/favourites to use on another music streaming platform, you can request an XML file by emailing us on support@afrihost.com.

Did you know? Simfy Music Streaming is included in any Afrihost Plus+ subscription. Read our How to sign up for Afrihost Plus+ article for more information.

Want a standalone Simfy Music Streaming account? Read our How to sign up for Simfy Africa Music Streaming article to find out how.

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