What do I need to get Pure VoIP

  1. An uncongested Internet connection such as Fibre, LTE or DSL.
  2. A VoIP enabled phone or a desktop or a mobile VoIP app such as Zoiper.
  3. An active Pure VoIP service with a positive CallTime balance.

Is sign up quick and easy?

Yes, sign up is as simple as:

  1. Choose a VoIP package.
  2. Get a VoIP number.
  3. RICA your VoIP number.
  4. And connect via a handset, the web or an app.

RICA Documents Required:

  • Valid Proof of Residence.
  • Valid Identity Documents.

Sign up for Pure VoIP now. If you would like to know How to sign up for Pure VoIP via afrihost.com read our Help Centre article for assistance.

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