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How to access Spam Experts

Spam Experts is a leading security solution integrated on our shared and cloud servers.

It allows the end-user to moderate filter settings for incoming and outgoing e-mail messages and prevents the delivery of spam messages.

With the ability to regulate e-mails, suspicious e-mails are stored in a Spam Quarantine queue and can be filtered, such as being blacklisted or marked as legitimate (whitelisted), including Domain Names, Emails, and Keywords.

How to access Spam Experts via ClientZone
  • Under the shared hosting section, select the domain you want to access.
  • Click on the ‘Spam Experts”.

Once logged in various email security functions can be performed.

Key Features:
  • Log Search
  • Spam Quarantine
  • Incoming delivery queue
  • Email address aliases
  • Domain statistics
  • Filter settings
  • Clear callout cache
  • Email Restrictions
  • Attachment restrictions
  • Email size restriction
  • Whitelist/Blacklist

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