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How to add an under construction page

Putting up an ‘Under Construction’ page on your website allows you to take your site offline to make changes and edits as needed. This allows you to let the user know that your site is only down temporarily and will be back up soon. You’ll be able to edit the site as you normally would, but no visitors will be able to see it until you publish it.


We advise you to get your developer to do this for you or you will need to have HTML/CSS knowledge.

There are various methods used to achieve this:
1. Design an Under Construction Page
  • Edit the Functions.php file with a custom message or image.

By default, a domain registered with Afrihost will display an auto construction or registration image will be displayed.

2. Plugins

Web design applications like WordPress/Joomla/Wix support 3rd party plugins, you have the option to add/activate a customisable under construction plugin which will display the notice on your home screen while you update your website.

Once complete with the design of your website, deactivate the plugin or reset the designated PHP file.

Make sure to add a short site description and contact information to the under construction notice while the site is being built.

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