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Peak and Non-Peak times

Unfortunately we cannot give a clear indication on when our network peak and non-peak times are, because our network runs completely dynamically and adjusts according to the live needs of all users at a given time.

As example, for the majority of any normal day, you connection shouldn’t be subject to shaping - however, if a new operating system update comes out and suddenly thousands of people are downloading more than they usually do, our network will apply shaping to ensure users still have an overall favourable experience and nobody gets too much or too little.

Peak Times

At Peak Times, non-realtime services will be shaped on a sliding scale, with higher bandwidth users subject to more shaping more than low bandwidth users. Realtime services will continue at full speeds.

Non-Peak Times

Non-realtime traffic will generally not be shaped at all, and you will get the fastest speed your line and the network allows.

When is peak time? 

Unfortunately, we cannot give a clear answer on this, because our network runs dynamically and adjusts according to the live needs of all users at a given time. Based on the graph on our Network Management page, peak times range from approx 18:00 - 23:00 daily. This is not a fully accurate depiction of network utilisation and is only meant to provide an averaged indication.

Shaping Examples. 

You can visit our Network Management page to see examples of how dynamic shaping works on our network and the average daily usage on the network.

LTE off-peak data. 

View the times of Fixed Wireless RAIN 19 hour free off-peak data in this insightful article.

Afrihost Network Status

See the status of our broadband, mobile and hosting networks

For more details, visit our Network Status Page

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