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Why does my internet buffer when streaming?

A buffer is put in place when downloading a certain amount of data before playing video content to ensure the video plays smoothly with no interruptions. Continuous buffering usually occurs when the internet speed is too slow to download the amount of data required to play the content.

Slow streaming speeds are dependant on the streaming service and the platform that this is done on.

If you are using a streaming service other than Netflix or Showmax, like Kodi, you must remember that the backbone of this service runs off Peer-to-Peer (P2P) traffic - also known as torrents. Torrents work by other users sharing files for you to copy and in this case stream. If there aren’t enough users sharing the content, the content can be slow to stream or download (or may stop entirely). No amount of bandwidth will fix this.

It may also be illegal. Rule of thumb: If you aren’t paying for the streaming service we cannot guarantee your speeds for this.

Use our speed wizard to see which line speed is best for you and your internet requirements.

What causes buffering?
  • Slow internet speeds on the user's end.
  • The Wi-Fi signal is weak and /or degraded by distance or having to go through walls or other obstacles.
  • Other users on the internet network hogging the bandwidth.
  • The stream sources server is being overloaded with too many users.
  • The stream sources server is having internet connectivity issues.
  • Fluctuations in the network from the ISP side.


How to minimise buffering while streaming?
  • Restart your router.
  • Have at least 10 Mbps of speed getting to the device streamed on.
  • Have a direct, hardwired connection to the device via an Ethernet (LAN) cable.
  • Pause a stream for a minute or two to allow it to build up some data - Buffer.
Slow Speeds. 

If you are still experiencing Slow speeds with your connection, read our article for more solutions to fix your speeds.

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