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Afrihost Max Explained

Afrihost Max is an enhanced service tailored to offer you distinct benefits in accessing selected support channels. By subscribing to this service, you will enjoy priority attention and faster assistance whenever you require support or guidance from Afrihost. This exclusive access is crafted to provide you with a more responsive and user-centric support encounter.

How does Max Support work?
  • Sign up via the Afrihost website.
  • You can easily manage the numbers that will get priority support in ClientZone.
  • You can load up to 5 numbers, family members or friends, (landline or mobile) that will get priority support.
  • Calls or WhatsApp messages from the assigned numbers will skip the queue and get support faster.
Can a client sign up for multiple Max Support packages?
  • No, we only allow a maximum of 1 sign up per legal entity (business or individual).
How often can you change the numbers associated with Max Support?
  • You can change the numbers once a week.
  • In rare cases, it may take up to 15 minutes for the number change to reflect, but in most cases, changes will reflect immediately.
What support platforms qualify for priority support?
  • WhatsApp. Chat with our friendly support team directly via WhatsApp on your mobile or desktop, your chat will be prioritised on the queue if it's busy.
  • Calls: Give us a call on our toll-free number 0800 011 000 and you will be a priority on the queue.
Are there any cancellation fees involved?
  • There is no cancellation fee for Max support.

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