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How a reseller can edit DNS records to link a WHM cPanel account to a domain hosted with Afrihost

Remember when you create an account on a reseller package you will need to point a registered domain to the new WHM account created. Below is how you edit the DNS records to point to the domain.


Ensure you have the IP address that is assigned to the new cPanel account. The IP is located on the welcome email you received after creating a new account or in the cPanel dashboard.

Create an account on Reseller. 

If you need assistance with How to create an account on a Reseller Hosting Package please read our Help Centre article for assistance.

  • Log in to Afrihost ClientZone.
  • Select the ‘Hosting’ tab.
  • Select the domain where you want to point the WHM cPanel account to.
  • Select the ‘Hosting Settings’ button.
  • Select ‘DNS Editor’.
  • Click ‘Create New Record’ at the top to add a new A record.
  • To create a new record for the domain fill in the name records detail according to the information received from your new assigned WHM account.
  • Enter the following details:

Type - A

Content - enter the IP address.

TTL - 600

  • Click ‘Create’
What is TTL? 

TTL stands for 'Time to Live' and is measured in seconds. TTL refers to how long DNS settings are supposed to be cached before being refreshed automatically. eg: 600 seconds = 10 minutes or 43200 seconds = 12 hours.

  • A success box will appear to let you know the record has been created successfully.
  • Click ‘Okay’.
  • You will then see all your DNS records as well as the new record you just created.

Please note that when changing a record on an existing domain the content will not automatically be moved over. Please email our hosting team to assist you with restoring the content.

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