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How to cancel your Afrihost Plus+ subscription

You can cancel your Afrihost Plus+ subscription in ClientZone.

  • Log into ClientZone.
  • Click on the ‘Other Services’ tab.
  • Select Afrihost Plus+.
  • Click on your Afrihost Plus+ account on the right.
  • Select the ‘Cancel Afrihost Plus+’ button.
  • Now click on the ‘De-Activate’ button.

By de-activating Afrihost Plus+ you will no longer receive any benefits. Your Afrihost Plus+ account will be deactivated at the end of the current month.

  • Once done, click on the ‘De-Active Afrihost Plus+’ button.
Manage your Afrihost Plus+ benefits. 

Read our How to manage your Afrihost Plus+ benefits article to find out how.

How to cancel your AfrihostPlus+ subscription

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