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How to reduce a high ping

What is a Ping? 

A ping test sends a small packet of data from your computer to the server and measures the amount of time it takes to get there.

This is done to see if there is any latency between the two devices.

A high ping, for example, while gaming, is mostly caused by the way you connect to your router, the quality of copper line and/or the ISP.

A traceroute can be done to troubleshoot the issue. A traceroute will show where the latency is coming from.

Helpful tips on how to reduce high ping and latency
  • Try moving closer to your router.
    Things such as walls, floors, and other physical obstacles will affect your wi-fi signal.
  • Close background programs and websites that are in use.
    Pause or cancel any background downloads & close all websites on all devices.
  • Connect fewer devices to the Wi-Fi network.
    Each device connected to the network will affect the connection speed and increase your ping.
  • Reboot your router.
    Restart the router to help get the device functioning especially if it has been used extensively.
  • When gaming make use of local servers.
    Playing games on a server located in your country will decrease your ping.
  • Check with your Internet Service Provider for any issues.
    Check for any reported network issues or outages on the Afrihost map.
  • Connect your device directly to your router.
    This can be done via an Ethernet cable. On a wired connection, the ping is always less.
  • Upgrade your router.
    Try replacing your router especially if it is old and used a lot.
  • Change your Internet package.
    Upgrade your Internet package with higher upload and download speeds.
Perform a Ping Test. 

Follow the easy instructions on How to perform a Traceroute and Ping test on your connection.

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