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Pure DSL Explained

Please Note! 

DSL services will be phased out in areas where fibre connectivity is available from 1 October 2021. Switch to Pure Fibre for an alternative internet solution.

What you can expect with Pure DSL
  • Uncapped internet
  • Full-speed real-time services
  • No usage threshold
  • No voice line needed
Uncapped. Unshaped. Unthrottled. No usage thresholds.

Pure DSL is a truly pure uncapped experience. Uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled ADSL and VDSL connections with no usage thresholds. It is a premium performance product that will never change according to how much bandwidth you use. It will be uncapped and unshaped all the time. Pure DSL packages are NOT subject to our acceptable usage policy.

Frequently Asked Questions
What does Pure DSL mean?

Pure DSL makes DSL simple. With only one product to choose from, you can check your coverage, choose your speed and get connected. Pure DSL is one product, one experience and one great price.

What is ‘Naked’ DSL?

Naked DSL also is known as Pure Connect is a standard copper DSL line WITHOUT the voice portion of the telephone line. No need to pay for a telephone line that you do not use, only pay for your DSL data and DSL line.

Can existing Afrihost legacy DSL clients move to Pure DSL?

Pure DSL is a separate service from existing DSL internet services. Existing DSL clients will need to sign up for the new Pure DSL services and cancel their old DSL services.

Afrihost can only cancel the DSL portion of your line. You will have to cancel the voice portion of your line directly with Telkom. Afrihost cannot do this on your behalf.


Please note once you change from an older Afrihost DSL package to Pure DSL, you will NOT be able to change back.

Cancel your DSL services. 

If you would like to know How to cancel your DSL data package in ClientZone read our Help Centre article for further assistance.

What is the cost of Pure DSL?

There are various uncapped Pure DSL packages to choose from. The options are priced according to the line speed chosen. Pure DSL packages can be viewed on the website under DSL packages.

How do I sign up for Pure DSL?

You can sign up for Pure DSL via the landing page or from the order form.

Sign up for Pure DSL. 

If you would like to know How to sign up for Pure DSL read our Help Centre article for assistance.

How long will it take to get my Pure DSL installed?

Openserve will install new DSL services at the premises within 14 working days after the order is submitted and processed. Pure DSL is a separate service from regular DSL, Openserve will need to install the new DSL services at your premises. They will call you to schedule an appointment.

Will I have to pay a setup fee?

No, Afrihost will cover the setup cost. This offer is limited and Afrihost reserves the right to change at any time.

Is the price of the DSL line included in the package price?

Yes, the price you see when signing up is the price you pay. Pure DSL packages are bundled, so the price is for both your data and the line rental, all-inclusive.

How long will it take for my Pure DSL package to activate?

After signing up, Openserve will contact you to install the DSL line at your premises. Once the installation is done and completed, the line will be activated. You can then plug in your router and get connected to the internet.

Do I have to sign a contract to get Pure DSL?

Afrihost doesn’t believe in tying people into long-term commitments, which is why we offer a month-to-month service. No contracts, No catches and No strings attached.


If you do not have an existing copper line installed at your premises, you will NOT be able to get Pure DSL. No new copper line installations will be done by Openserve.

How to set up your DSL router. 

If you would like to know How to set up an ADSL router connection read our Help Centre article for assistance.

What line speed packages can I get with Pure DSL?

Pure DSL offers packages with a download speed of up to 5Mbps, 10Mbps, 20Mbps and 40Mbps lines.

NOTE: 20Mbps and 40Mbps lines are considered VDSL lines and would require a VDSL router.


If you would like to know more about The difference between ADSL and VDSL, read this Help Centre article for more information.

Are Pure DSL line speeds guaranteed?

Pure DSL follows the same principle as any DSL product. DSL speeds, in general, are affected by the distance from the telephone exchange (This is the Telkom box in your area where the switches are kept).

Performance of the line is subject to contention. This means that data speeds and latency may be affected by factors outside of Afrihost’s control or demand for bandwidth at any given time.

Due to Openserve infrastructure restrictions, some line speeds may NOT be available in your area. You will need to check coverage to see which packages are available.

Can I share my DSL line details with a friend?

Unfortunately, Pure DSL does not allow for concurrent connections. Pure DSL is locked to one location and details cannot be shared.

What does concurrent mean? 

Concurrent connection means having a different landline number connected to the same data package at the same time.

Will pending DSL orders automatically be changed to Pure DSL?

Pending orders will not be put on Pure DSL, you can move over to Pure DSL at a later stage.

Can I still use my existing ADSL router with Pure DSL?

Yes, you can use your existing ADSL compatible router for 4Mbps and 10 Mbps line speeds. The 20Mbps and 40Mbps lines are classed as VDSL and will require a VDSL compatible router.

I am with a different ISP (Internet Service Provider), can I move over to Afrihost’s Pure DSL?

As a new client, you are welcome to sign up for Pure DSL via the website. Installation of the Pure DSL service will be done by Openserve at your premises within 14 working days. You will need to contact your existing ISP to cancel your DSL services with them.

Do I need to migrate my DSL line to Afrihost?

You do not need to migrate your line over to Afrihost as it is a new service you are signing up for.

Do I need a telephone line at my premises for Pure DSL?

Yes, you do need an existing copper line at your premises to connect to Pure DSL. Openserve will NOT do any new copper line installations. If you do not have the pre-existing copper line infrastructure at your premises, you will not be able to sign up for Pure DSL.

Please note that because Pure DSL is a separate service from regular DSL, Openserve will need to connect up the new Pure DSL services at your premises. This can take up to 14 working days.

Stay connected!! 

No copper telephone line? No problem. See if you have Fibre or LTE coverage in your area and we can keep you connected.

I have DSL and Fibre coverage in my area

If you have both Openserve Fibre and Openserve DSL available in your area, you will only be able to sign up for fibre and not for Pure DSL as per Openserve’s installation regulations

If I sign up for Pure DSL will I experience any downtime with my internet?

We cannot guarantee that you will not experience any downtime but the best way to avoid downtime would be to sign up for Pure DSL BEFORE cancelling your existing legacy DSL line. Only cancel once your Pure DSL connection is active.

How do I avoid being charged double for two DSL services if I sign up for Pure DSL?

The best way to avoid being billed double would be to sign up for Pure DSL and submit the cancellation for the old line on the same day.

Cancel services. 

If you require assistance with How to cancel your DSL data package in ClientZone read our Help Centre article.

Will a cancellation fee apply?

Afrihost will not charge a cancellation fee when cancelling a legacy DSL package to sign up for Pure DSL.

PLEASE NOTE! Telkom may charge a fee depending on the contract or agreement you have with them.

Will I get an email account with my Pure DSL?

Afrihost will provide all Pure DSL sign-ups with their very own email address.

With every ADSL account, you get a 250MB mailbox which comes with up to 5 aliases.

Afrihost Network Status

See the status of our broadband, mobile and hosting networks

For more details, visit our Network Status Page

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