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What is domain forwarding or pointing

Domain forwarding or pointing is the rerouting of a domain name to another web address. You can point any domain name you own to any other domain name of your choice.

For example, we have pointed the address to our website

Thus, any requests for your domain name will be automatically forwarded to any website address of your choice.

Pointing a Domain. 

Read more here to see How to point a domain in our easy-to-follow article.

What are the benefits of redirects?
  • In order to make your website available across multiple domains, URL forwarding, or redirection can be used. Sometimes, it is necessary to register all top-level domains to protect your brand.

    For example, if your website's domain name is '', you may find it necessary to buy/register '' and '' so that another party is prevented from acquiring these related domain names and causing conflict with your brand. Thus, any requests for your domain name will be automatically forwarded to the website address of your choice.
  • If any website content is moved, redirections are crucial for both search engines and visitors.

Search engines: Your SEO performance relies on search engines understanding content has moved, whether it is temporary or permanent. Giving the right signals to search engines is vital.

Visitors: Your goal is to provide your site visitors with a great user experience. In case your main website is under maintenance or when they request content that was previously available on URL X, you do not want them to experience a 404 error page. You want them to be redirected to URL Y.

Email domain forwarding. 

In cases where you have changed your business name, an email forwarder is a great way to make sure all your old email address correspondence is received at the new domain addresses. Read our article on How to create an email forwarder in cPanel for further assistance.

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