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Can I use the included SIM Card in another device?

Rain SIM Cards

Unfortunately, the Rain SIM cards are locked to specific device types that are pre-approved for the Rain Network.

Rain advised the following devices will be supported from 1 November 2017.

  • Huawei B315
  • Huawei B618
  • Huawei B2338 (Outdoor)
  • ZTE MF253
  • ZTE MF283+
  • ZTE MF286
Cell C SIM Cards

You can use any LTE or LTE-A enabled device with your Cell C LTE SIM card. Please note, however, that you need to be in the Cell C Network coverage area.

Pure LTE (MTN) and Telkom SIM Cards

Only approved CAT6 devices will work on the Telkom and MTN LTE-A Network.
This range of devices includes:

  • Huawei B525
  • Huawei B612
  • Huawei B618
  • ZTE MF286

Please note that Pure LTE (MTN) will only work with the above approved devices. If you insert your SIM card into a device that has not been approved by MTN (for example a Huawei B311 or Huawei B315) the SIM card will be blocked, and you will lose internet access. You will then need to contact our Support team to get the SIM card unblocked.

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