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Fibre Broadband

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How to choose the right Fibre connection speed

Afrihost Fibre is up to 50x times faster than the fastest ADSL.

There are lots of factors in determining the right package for you, we’ll ask you some questions about how you use the internet to help you make the best choice.

We’ve put together a great interactive tool to help you choose the right speed based on your usage needs.

Pick the most relevant answer for each scenario. Also, factor in that each service or device you use simultaneously would be sharing your internet connection, so the more services and devices used, the higher your connection speed should be for the best experience.

After you make your selections we will suggest the speed applicable based on your answers to ensure you get the experience best suited to you.

Fibre line speeds from 100mbps and above. 

Please note, fibre line speeds from 100mbps and above have the following requirements:

  • The LAN cable connected from the ONT to the WiFi router WAN port is recommended to be at least CAT 6 and above to handle the line speed and reduce the risk of any connectivity issues.
  • Ensure the router can handle the 100mbps+ line speed.

You can use our Speed Selection Wizard to help you make the best choice.

Pure Fibre Explained. 

Read our Fibre Experiences Explained article to find out more about our different experiences and which one is best for your usage scenarios.

Afrihost Network Status

See the status of our broadband, mobile and hosting networks

For more details, visit our Network Status Page

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