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How to Create and View an Email Scout Report in Spam Experts

What is Spam Experts?

Spam Experts is a leading security solution integrated on our shared and cloud servers.

It allows the end-user to create filter settings for incoming and outgoing e-mail messages and prevents the delivery of spam messages.

With the ability to monitor e-mails, suspicious e-mails are stored in a Spam Quarantine queue and can be filtered, such as being blacklisted or marked as legitimate (whitelisted), including Domain Names, Emails and Keywords.

Why use Spam Experts Email Scout Report features?

The email scout report can be used to view and monitor any incoming and/or outgoing emails from the spam filter.

The report helps you to view emails, blacklist or whitelist recipients/senders and train the spam filter according to your needs.

Who can use Spam Experts?

Only domains on our Shared Hosting servers will have access, unfortunately, this is not available for dedicated servers

Shared Hosting packages. 

Read our helpful How to sign up for a new Shared Hosting package article to help you find the right package.

How to access Spam Experts?

Spam Experts can be accessed via your hosting control panel.

Access Spam Experts. 

Read our helpful How to access Spam Experts article with easy instructions to assist you.

How to CREATE an Email Scout Report
  • When in Spam Experts select ‘Logs’ under Incoming or Outgoing from the menu.
  • Adjust the filters on the Query Rules panel, according to the data you want to search for.
  • Click ‘Show Results Button.
  • Once the results are generated, select the ‘Email this search’ button at the top of the page, to add a scheduled Email Scout Report.
  • A block will appear for you to schedule your Scout Report.

Enter the following details:

Report Name: eg: Email Scout Report. [YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME]

Subject: eg: Email Scout Report. [YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME]

Delivery: Select one of the following options from the drop-down menu options:

  • Right away - Send the report to the specified recipient immediately.
  • At given time - Displays the delivery options panel allowing you to specify a date and time to the specified recipient.
  • Weekdays at 09:00
  • Every day at 09:00, 12:00 and 16:00
  • Repeat - Displays the Delivery Options panel in which you can schedule the report using a variety of frequency options.
  • Advanced - Displays the Delivery Options panel allowing you to further specify your repeat schedule (in a ‘crontab’ style format).

Sender: Enter your mail address

Recipient: Enter who you want to send the report to.

Select the Template Name and choose the format that best suits you.

  • Click ‘Schedule’.
Template Tip: 

Column format - Best for many mails in the report. Row format - Best for a smaller number of mails in the report.

  • Choose Column format if there are many mails you wish to display the report in a simpler more condensed view.
  • Choose Row format if there are a smaller number of mails in the report and you wish to have more details displayed.

In the report, the subject line may contain a link. When clicked this will open a web page in your browser containing the message content.

On this page you can:

  1. View the message as Plain text or Raw (which displays the message headers)
  2. Use the Available Actions dropdown options to perform the following:
  • Blacklist Sender
  • Release
  • Whitelist Sender
  • Remove
  • Release and Train
  • Unsubscribe
How to VIEW and EDIT an Email Scout Report
  • Once you have created your Email Scout Report it can be found under the Reporting section for both Incoming and Outgoing mails.

Clear the Query Rules and click ‘Show Results to see the reports.

  • Execute search - Run the log search based on the original search filters when creating the report.
  • Edit - Allows you to edit the report details including:
    • Name and subject of the report.
    • Sender and recipient.
    • Schedule and delivery details.
    • Template used.
  • Remove - Removes the report.
  • Send now - Send the ESR straight away to the recipient specified in the report.
  • Export as .CSV - Export report configuration as CSV file.
Spam Experts User Guide 

For additional help with Spam Experts Email Scout Report please see the Spam Experts User Guide for more information.

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