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How to fix cPanel sync issues between a dedicated server and Afrihost DNS cluster.


Afrihost cannot be held responsible for changes that are made by the user. Any changes, edits or alterations are done so at your own risk. Continue if you have advanced knowledge or are an IT professional.

  1. Please ensure you have backups of your data BEFORE proceeding.
  2. Working with filesystems can cause permanent loss of data if done incorrectly.
  3. Afrihost is not responsible for any damage due to filesystems changes carried out by the end-user.
  4. If you feel uncertain about anything please send a ticket to support requesting assistance.

If you are struggling to sync your DNS with our Afrihost DNS Cluster, this may be because your server might still be using the outdated format config file. Please follow the below steps to fix this issue.

Who can use this solution?

Self-Managed cPanel server (cloud or physical) clients can use this script to update their current DNS config connecting to

How to resolve this issue

1. Use the ‘wget’ command to download the script ( to your preferred directory on the server.

[root@server_name ~] # wget

2. Make the downloaded file executable.

[root@server_name ~] # chmod 700 /path_to_downloaded_file/file_name


You can enter the command ‘ls -l’ to check if the file is executable.

The downloaded file needs to be run with root privileges.

3. Run the file. Ensure you use the correct file location.

[root@server_name ~] # /path_to_downloaded_file/file_name/updatednscluster

The script will create a backup of the current config files from /var/cpanel/cluster/root/config/* to /backup/dnscluster_original/.

4. To confirm that the fix is in place, this can be viewed in WHM (Web Host Manager).

Go to WHM > DNS Cluster

If a green tick is showing under ‘Status’, the fix has been successful.

  • If anything goes wrong with the script run, you can restore the directory from your backups or /backup/dnscluster_original/.
  • If there are any errors while running the script or in WHM > DNS Cluster, please screenshot and attach the errors in an email to or
Need More Help? 

If you require further assistance please see the various Afrihost Help Support Channels available to you.

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