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How to migrate your emails to Afrihost

To migrate your old emails to Afrihost, kindly contact your previous host and ask for the control panel credentials.

Please note: 

Afrihost will not be held responsible for any loss of data. Please contact our hosting support team if require assistance as this can be complex.

  1. Complete the registration of your hosted domain with Afrihost.
  2. Backup or download your emails from the previous host.
    Ask the previous host to send you a zip copy of your email folder.
  3. Terminate your account with the previous host.
  4. Once the domain is live with Afrihost, create the mailbox you want to move the mails to.
    Read our article on How to create an email account.
  5. Upload your emails through website manager in ClientZone.
  • Go to ClientZone.
  • Log in using your ClientZone credentials.
  • Select the ‘Hosting’ tab.
  • Under the Shared Hosting section, select your domain name.
  • Click on the ‘Website Manager’.
  • Select the ‘Log into Website Manager’ button.
Via cPanel
  • Select ‘File Manager’ under the ‘FILES’ section.
  • Select the ‘mail’ directory on the left.
  • Select ‘Upload’ at the top of the page and upload your backed-up email folder into the email directory.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot do it yourself, please contact our support team for assistance via CWP.

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