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How to block users connecting to your WiFi

Do you think someone is using your Wi-Fi internet connection without your knowledge?

You may want to know if there is an unauthorised or unrecognised device connected to your Wi-Fi and restrict their access by blocking them.

Changing the password is a good way to do this, however, most routers have access control or a Wi-Fi management feature that allows you to block users by blocking their MAC address.

What is a MAC address? 

MAC stands for Media Access Control address and is a unique identifier assigned by the manufacturer and hard-coded on the computer for identification purposes. A MAC address looks like this: 00-15-E8-7B-66-3C

Ways to secure your network
Change Router Password. 

You can read our helpful How to change your router's Wi-Fi password article with instructions to help you create your unique and strong router password.

Mac-address filtering

Mac-address filtering denies any unwanted users access to the internet via your router.

To do this you need to find the unwanted device’s MAC address that is connected to the router.

Ensure you know the MAC address of your PC before enabling MAC filtering to avoid any problems.

How to find the MAC Address of your PC
  • Open Command Prompt on your PC.
  • Type ipconfig/all  and hit the Enter button.
  • In the details provided, you will see a physical address similar to this: G8-2B-72-EF-D6-8D

This is your computers MAC address.

How to turn on MAC filtering on your D-Link router
  • Log in to the router.
Log in to the router. 

Read our helpful How to log into a router article with easy instructions to assist you.

  • Select the ‘Advanced’ tab from the menu at the top of the page.
  • Select ‘Network Filter’ from the menu on the left-hand side.
  • This will take you to the Mac-Filtering page.
    Under ‘Configure MAC Filtering below:’, click on the drop-down menu and select the option that best suits your requirements.
    “Turn MAC Filtering ON and ALLOW computers listed to access the network” or
    “Turn MAC Filtering ON and DENY computers listed to access the network”.
  • Select the device from the DHCP Client List drop-down menu, where it says Computer Name.
  • Select the arrow button to the left and the MAC Address of that device will be detected automatically and filled in to block to the left under MAC Address.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on  the ‘Save Settings’ button.

Your router will restart and no unauthorized devices will be allowed to connect to your internet.


If you select “Turn MAC Filtering ON and ALLOW computers listed to access the network". You will need to add each device to have access to your network.

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