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How to manage your VumaReach PayFast payment details

PayFast is a payment gateway that allows for secure payments with a variety of payment solutions, these payment details may need to be updated and edited once in a while to ensure no payment issues.

To update your details on PayFast follow the steps below:
  • Once logged in you will see your PayFast dashboard and transaction history.
  • Select ‘TRANSACTIONS’ from the menu at the top then, select ‘Ad Hoc Agreements’.
  • There you will see your payment details. The credit card and/or bank details you have linked to your profile.
  • You can select the edit ‘card’ icon to edit the existing card or bank details or the delete ‘x’ symbol to delete the card.
  • On the left-hand side, you will see the current card details.
  • On the right-hand side, enter the new card details as displayed on the card and click ‘Save card details’.

Your new payment details will be saved on the PayFast system.

You will receive an email monthly notifying you of the successful payment.

  • You can also select the link in the mail received to update or change your details.

Remember to ensure your card or bank account has funds available to avoid unnecessary connectivity interruptions.

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